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Welcome to the website for the Scaffolding and Rigging industry of New Zealand. While membership of our professional association is voluntary we do now represent the majority of scaffolding companies throughout the country.   

Our aims and objectives are centred around safety, standards and training. We spend a lot of time working with Government agencies such as the Department of Labour and Immigration and also with Training Providers and other affiliated trade associations.

Our members are required to meet minimum standards before they can join the association in the areas of health and safety, public liability insurance and training. A client or customer using the services of a SARNZ member can be assured that the SARNZ member meets minimum industry standards as outlined in the Best Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding. All members are clearly listed on our website.

We are also privileged to have a number of suppliers to the industry as SARNZ members. Our supplier members are always very supportive of industry events and our members have a close relationship with them.

Whether you are a member, a supplier or a customer we hope that you are able to find what you need on our website. Feedback is always welcome. Please contact the SARNZ office on 04 589 8081

Chris Douglas, President SARNZ


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