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Scaffolding and Rigging New Zealand Inc. (SARNZ)


Scaffolding and Rigging NZ Inc was formed in 1994 by a group of like minded individuals working in the industry who wanted to ensure they were able to speak with a united voice when it came to issues of concern to the industry. Our membership consists of major scaffolding and rigging contractors, through to smaller companies and individuals. We also have a small number of Associate members who are providers to the industry in terms of supplying rope, planks, pipe, safety equipment and the like.
To truly achieve its objectives, SARNZ needs the support of people and companies whose business is scaffolding and rigging.

Benefits of Membership

- SARNZ Office as a single point of contact.
- Yearly membership certificates
- Platform newsletter, distributed quarterly
- Input into industry training through SARNZ involvement with Tai Poutini.
- Able to provide input into setting industry standards.
- Publisher and distributor of Best Practice Guidelines in Scaffolding
- SARNZ has representation on the Australia/New Zealand standards group.
- Unified voice promoting and speaking on behalf of the industry
- Networking with other members throughout the country.
- Membership Services:
Z Card Scheme - savings on petrol and diesel
Group Insurance Scheme - Statutory Liabilities Defence and Penalties Insurance and
Employer Liability Insurance
- An improved perception of the professional nature of your company by the public,
through being a member of the national trade association Scaffolding and Rigging NZ.


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